Meeting #:
Council Chambers, City Hall

  • Recommendation

    That Council:

    1. Give first and second reading of Bylaw 1994, cited as “Town of Ladysmith Official Community Plan Bylaw 2003, No.1488, Amendment Bylaw (No.57) 2019, No. 1994”;
    2. Give first and second reading of Bylaw 1995, cited as “Town of Ladysmith Zoning Bylaw 2014, No. 1860, Amendment Bylaw (No.24) 2019, No. 1995”; and
    3. Refer Bylaws 1994 and 1995 to public hearing.
  • Recommendation

    That Council:

    1.  Authorize staff to apply to the Union of BC Municipalities, for up to $2,000 during the September 2019 application intake for the Regional Community to Community Forum Program to support a community forum with the Stz’uminus First Nation Council, to be held prior to March 31, 2020; and

    2.  Approve the allocation of up to $2,000 as the Town’s contribution, funded through Council’s Public Relations budget.

  • Recommendation

    That Council:

    1.  Direct staff to tender a pipe arch culvert for the 4th Avenue, Rocky Creek crossing;

    2.  Direct staff not to include the acquisition of the pipe arch in the tender, and to purchase the pipe arch directly after obtaining a minimum of two competitive quotes; and

    3.  Waive the purchasing policy for item 2 above.

  • Recommendation
  • Recommendation

    That Council proceed with first, second and third readings of Bylaw 1993 cited as “Town of Ladysmith Streets and Traffic Bylaw 1998, No. 1309, Amendment Bylaw # 6, 2019, No. 1993.”


  • Recommendation

    That Council give first, second and third readings to:

    1.  Town of Ladysmith Waterworks Regulations Bylaw 1999, No. 1298, Amendment Bylaw 2019, No. 1996; and

    2.  Town of Ladysmith Sanitary Sewer Rate Bylaw 1999, No.1299, Amendment Bylaw 2019, No.1997; and

    3.  Town of Ladysmith Sewer Connection Bylaw, 1966 No. 411, Amendment Bylaw #4, 2019, No. 2002.

  • Recommendation

    That Council proceed with first, second and third readings of Bylaw 2003, cited as “Ticket Utilization Bylaw 2002, No. 1457, Amendment Bylaw 2019, No. 2003”.

  • Recommendation

    That Council:

    1.  Authorize that a portion of Farrell Road located on the property at 674 Farrell Road be closed and that the highway dedication be removed;

    2.  Give first, second and third readings to Town of Ladysmith Road Closure and Dedication Removal Bylaw 2019, No. 2004;

    3.  Direct staff to refer Bylaw 2004 to the Ministry of Transportation and Highways in accordance with applicable legislation; and

    4.  Direct staff to provide public notice of its intent to adopt Bylaw 2004 in accordance with the Community Charter.

  • Recommendation

    That Council consider whether it wishes to direct staff to develop an amendment to the Zoning Bylaw to prohibit the bottling of groundwater in all zones in Ladysmith.

Previous Council Direction:

Resolution CS 2018-486:  That Council authorize the Ladysmith and District Historical Society to take on the project of updating the metal collage on the Commission's behalf with a budget of up to 3000.

Resolution CS 2018-472: That Council, having received the consultant's report and recommendations on the Town of Ladysmith Commission and Committee Review, direct staff to implement the following recommendation specific to existing Committees and Commissions: ...

G) Heritage Revitalization Advisory Commission - Repeal the establishing bylaw for the Heritage Revitalization Advisory Commission to disband the commission...

Resolution CS 2018-474: That Council direct staff to review the Service Agreement with the Ladysmith and District Historical Society and recommend appropriate amendments to permit the Society to undertake initiatives referred by Council.

  • Recommendation

    That Council consider whether it wishes to refer to staff for review and recommendations the request by the Ladysmith and District Historical Society to increase annual funding for the operation of the Archives/Community and Culture Museum from the current $23,500 (plus 2 per cent) to $45,250.

Councillor Jacobson has given notice of her intent to introduce the following motion at the March 18, 2019 Meeting of Council:

That Council request a formal meeting with the Board of Trustees of School District 68, and that Council request Mayor Stone and Councillor Jacobson to work with School District representatives to develop the agenda for the meeting.

  • A maximum of 15 minutes is allotted for questions.
  • Persons wishing to address Council during “Question Period” must be Town of Ladysmith residents, non-resident property owners, or operators of a business.
  • Individuals must state their name and address for identification purposes.
  • Questions put forth must be on topics which are not normally dealt with by Town staff as a matter of routine.
  • Questions must be brief and to the point.
  • Questions shall be addressed through the Chair and answers given likewise. Debates with or by individual Council members or staff members are not allowed.
  • No commitments shall be made by the Chair in replying to a question. Matters which may require action of the Council shall be referred to a future meeting of the Council.