Meeting #:
Council Chambers, City Hall

Call to Order 5:30 p.m. in Open Session, in order to retire immediately into Closed Session.

 Members of the public are welcome to attend all Open Meetings of Council, but may not attend Closed Meetings.

In accordance with section 90 of the Community Charter, this section of the meeting will be held In Camera to consider the following matter, for the reasons as noted:

  • Service Access Negotiations – sections 90 (1)(j) and 90 (1)(i)
  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the agenda for this Regular Meeting of Council for Monday, April 15, 2019.

  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held April 8, 2019.

  • Recommendation

    That Council:

    1. Issue DP 3060-19-02 to permit the issuance of a building permit for the construction of a two storey coach house on Lot 6 Block 99 District Lot 56 Oyster District Plan 703A (417 White Street).
    2. Authorize the Mayor and Corporate Officer to sign DP 3060-19-02.
  • Recommendation

    That Council:

    1. Direct staff to proceed with the preparation of bylaws to amend the:
      1. Zoning Bylaw to support the proposed uses in the Arts and Heritage Hub Concept Plan, and
      2. Institutional (Arts and Heritage Hub) land use policies in the Waterfront Area Plan to recognize the potential for additional revenue generating uses within the Arts and Heritage Hub area.
    2. Direct that the Town’s community and stakeholder consultation undertaken as part of the development of the Arts and Heritage Hub Concept Design Report be considered as the early and on-going consultation during the development of the OCP amendment, pursuant to s. 475 of the Local Government Act.
  • That Council direct staff to investigate with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island the opportunity to submit an application to the Ministry of Children and Family Development under the Child Care New Space Fund for up to $1 million for additional child care space at the Boys and Girls Club building at 220 High Street, thereby increasing available child care spaces in the community.

  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the Community-Driven Capital Project Policy as presented.

  • Recommendation

    That Council consider whether it wishes to proceed with the proposed Poet Laureate program at this time.

  • That Council: Direct staff to prepare the 2019 Financial Plan and Tax Rates Bylaws based on Option #2A of allocating 3.54% after non-market change and maximizing the Class 2 rate.

  • Recommendation

    That Council direct staff to include in the 2019 – 2023 Financial Plan $400,000 to purchase 3 lift station generators with the funds to come from the additional federal Gas Tax allocation for 2019.

  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the reallocation of budget funds from the proposed Waterfront Area Plan 2019 budget to permit a legal survey of Lots 4 & 5.


Members of the public will have the opportunity to address Council on this matter in accordance with Community Charter s. 

  • Recommendation

    That, having considered any public submissions on the matter, Council adopt Town of Ladysmith Road Closure and Dedication Removal Bylaw 2019, No. 2004.

  • A maximum of 15 minutes is allotted for questions.
  • Persons wishing to address Council during “Question Period” must be Town of Ladysmith residents, non-resident property owners, or operators of a business.
  • Individuals must state their name and address for identification purposes.
  • Questions put forth must be on topics which are not normally dealt with by Town staff as a matter of routine.
  • Questions must be brief and to the point.
  • Questions shall be addressed through the Chair and answers given likewise. Debates with or by individual Council members or staff members are not allowed.
  • No commitments shall be made by the Chair in replying to a question. Matters which may require action of the Council shall be referred to a future meeting of the Council.
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