Meeting #:
Council Chambers, City Hall

Stefan Yancey, Central Island Operations Manager

Michael Pearson, District Manager

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

*The full report with appendices is available at City Hall.

  • Recommendation

    That the Committee:

    1. Receive for information the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure-initiated report by Binnie Consulting Ltd. regarding Ladysmith traffic safety as it relates to the Highway 1 corridor; and
    2. Consider recommendations for Council arising from the report.
  • Recommendation

    That the Committee:

    1. Review the 2019 Grant in Aid requests from various community groups and provide a recommended list to Council for consideration; and
    2. Direct staff to amend the Grants in Aid Policy as follows:
      1. Change the deadline to apply for funding requests changed from February 28 to January 15th of each year; and
      2. Limit the number of applications received to one (1) per organization.

Councillors Stevens and Paterson have requested that this item be provided to the Committee for information.

  • Recommendation

    Councillor Paterson recommends that the Committee receives for information the 2018 Fire Report.

Councillor Johnson has requested that the Committee discuss the landscaping on the traffic safety islands on North Davis Road between Dogwood Drive and Coronation Mall. 

  • Recommendation

    That the Committee:

    1. Receive this update report for information;
    2. Determine recommendations to Council regarding an appreciation event for current and past committee volunteers; and
    3. Recommend that Council refer discussions regarding new Task Forces and appointments to external organizations to the upcoming Strategic Planning process.




  • Recommendation

    That the Committee consider whether it wishes to recommend that Council enter the Survivor Climate Challenge, as outlined in the correspondence by the Mayor of the District of Highlands, dated February 4, 2019.

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