5:30 P.M.

This meeting will be held electronically

Call to Order 5:30 p.m. in Open Session, in order to retire immediately into Closed Session.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all Open Meetings of Council, but may not attend Closed Meetings.

  • Recommendation

    That, in accordance with section 90(1) of the Community Charter, Council retire into closed session in order to consider items related to the following:

    • Personal information about an identifiable individual - Section 90(1)(a) 
    • Negotiations regarding the provision of a municipal service - Section 90(1)(k) 
  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the agenda for this Special Meeting of Council for May 19, 2020,

  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held May 5, 2020.

  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the minutes of the Special Meeting of Council held May 12, 2020.

Mayor Stone has proclaimed May 17 to 23, 2020 as "Local Government Awareness Week".

Mayor Stone has proclaimed June 1, 2020 as "Intergenerational Day Canada" in the Town of Ladysmith.

  • Recommendation

    That Council endorse the response to the referral from the Regional District of Nanaimo related to proposed OCP and Zoning Bylaw amendments for the Nanaimo Airport, attached as Appendix A to the report prepared by the Director of Development Services dated May 19, 2020.

  • Recommendation

    That Council:

    1. Receive the Regulatory Path to Closure and Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation prepared by Golder Associates provided in Appendix A of the staff report from the Director of Development Services dated May 19, 2020;

    2. Direct Staff to amend the 2020-2024 Financial Plan to include up to $400,000 from general surplus and development reserves to cover the cost of a detailed site investigation over the course of 2020-2021; and

    3. Direct staff to:
      1. submit an application on behalf of the Town to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to obtain funding for a detailed site investigation of the uplands and to obtain the services of a consultant, if required, to prepare the grant application; and
      2. seek the services of a qualified environmental engineering firm to complete a detailed site investigation of the uplands.
  • Investing in Ladysmith website/app
  • Parklets/Sidewalk patios
  • Infrastructure/Capital projects
  • Grant Opportunities
  • Lobbying Senior Government 
  • Feasibility of closing section of 1st Avenue to vehicle traffic on select days/nights (Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday)

At the May 5, 2020 Council meeting, Councillor Johnson provided notice of his intent to discuss the Island Rail Corridor at a future meeting of Council.

The Island Rail Corridor Condition Assessment Summary Report is attached. To access the appendices, please click on the link below:


Residents can submit questions to Council via email at info@ladysmith.ca or on YouTube during the meeting.

  • Persons wishing to address Council must be Town of Ladysmith residents, non-resident property owners, or operators of a business.
  • Individuals must include their name and address for identification purposes.
  • Questions put forth must be on topics which are not normally dealt with by Town staff as a matter of routine.
  • Questions must be brief and to the point.
  • No commitments shall be made by the Chair in replying to a question. Matters which may require action of the Council shall be referred to a future meeting of the Council
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