6:30 P.M.

This meeting will be held electronically as per Ministerial Order No. M192

Call to Order 6:30 p.m. in Open Session, in order to retire immediately into Closed Session.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all Open Meetings of Council, but may not attend Closed Meetings.

  • Recommendation

    That, in accordance with section 90(1) of the Community Charter, Council retire into closed session in order to consider items related to the following:

    • the security of the property of the municipality - section 90(1)(d)
    • the receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege - section 90(1)(i)
    • negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service - section 90(1)(k)
  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the agenda for this Regular Meeting of Council for December 15, 2020.

Items from the Closed Meeting of Council held November 17, 2020

CE 2020-155

That Council approve the inclusion of a track and train inside the Machine Shop.

CE 2020-156

That Council confirm Council's previous endorsement of "Option 2", Tenant Layout 2 (Appendix B, March 11, 2019 report to Council) under Resolution CS 2019-095 as follows:

    1. Prepare draft lease agreements for all spaces within the Machine Shop;
    2. Prepare draft lease agreements for outer buildings and present to Council for consideration; and
    3. Direct staff to communicate the Tenant Layout Option 2 and Council’s direction to stakeholders, allowing staff to negotiate the specific details of grids L - U of Sections 2 and 3 on the main floor and grids J - P of Section 1 and 2 on the second floor.

CE 2020-157

That Council endorse the following lease structure and rate program, for all existing and proposed buildings on the site with the exception of the artist studio(s) that are included in the Arts and Heritage Hub:

    1. Market lease rates plus utilities for commercial tenants;
    2. Nominal lease rates plus utilities for not-for-profit tenants; and
    3. Subletting subject to the Town’s written approval.

CE 2020-158

That Council direct staff to bring forward, for Council’s formal consideration in an open meeting:

    1. The final version of the Arts & Heritage Hub Concept Report (Appendix C, page 12) prepared by Hotson Architecture; and
    2. A report on the portions of phase one of the Arts & Heritage Hub that are ineligible for ICIP and ICET funding and must either be paid for by the Town or postponed.

CE 2020-159

That Council direct staff to arrange with John Marston and the Stz’uminus First Nation to work with the selected design firm to incorporate indigenous themes into the proposed artist studio building.

CE 2020-160

That Council direct staff to prepare terms of reference for a stakeholder committee to assist the selected design firm with designing the next phase of the Arts & Heritage Hub, excluding the proposed artist studio building, consisting of representation from: 

    1. The Stz’uminus First Nation;
    2. John Marston;
    3. The Arts Council of Ladysmith and District;
    4. The Ladysmith and District Historical Society;
    5. The Ladysmith Maritime Society; and
    6. Existing and prospective tenants.
  • Recommendation

    That Council approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held December 1, 2020.

Mayor Stone will 'virtually' present Fire Chief Chris Geiger with the Assistant to the Fire Commissioner badge.

  • Recommendation

    That Council provide early budget approval for the following capital projects:

    • Chicken Ladder Culvert Replacement - $75,000;
    • Chicken Ladder Gate Replacement - $7,500;
    • Skid Steer Trailer - $12,000;
    • Watermain Replacement - French St - $190,000;
    • Caretaker Building - $50,000;
    • Creek Main - Oyster Bay Rd - $80,750;
    • Spirogester Valve Removal - $10,000;
    • UV Phase 1 – Design - $100,000;
    • Storm main - French to Kitchener - $40,000;
    • Bollards - 1st Avenue – $30,000; and
    • Half road including sidewalk - Russell Rd: 760 to 740 - $42,000.
  • Recommendation

    That Council determine whether it wishes 2020 Grant in Aid recipients to either retain or return 2020 Grant in Aid funds.

  • Recommendation

    That Council select one of the project options presented in the December 15, 2020 staff report and direct staff to apply for funding under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program - COVID-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream.

  • Recommendation

    That Council award the contract for design services for Phase 1 of the Arts & Heritage Hub to Checkwitch Poiron Architects Inc., in the amount of $463,641 excluding GST.


The purpose of Bylaw 2057 is to provide for the borrowing of money in anticipation of revenue, effective January, 2021.

  • Recommendation

    That Council adopt Town of Ladysmith “2021 Revenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw 2020, No. 2057”.

The purpose of Bylaw 2058 is to amend water utility rates effective January, 2021.

  • Recommendation

    That Council adopt Town of Ladysmith “Waterworks Rates and Regulations Bylaw 1999, No. 1298, Amendment Bylaw 2020, No. 2058”.

Request to co-sponsor the nomination of Karen Olenik and team for a BC Heritage Award (Conservation category).

  • Recommendation

    That Council co-sponsor with the Ladysmith and District Historical Society the nomination of Karen Olenik and team for a BC Heritage Award regarding the rehabilitation of 431 1st Avenue.

At the December 1, 2020, Regular Meeting of Council, Councillor McKay provided the following Notice of Motion to be considered at the December 15, 2020, Regular Meeting of Council:

  • Recommendation

    That Council direct staff to prepare a report regarding implementation of a hardship grant pilot program related to utility service charges.

Residents can submit questions to Council via email at info@ladysmith.ca during the meeting.

  • Persons wishing to address Council must be Town of Ladysmith residents, non-resident property owners, or operators of a business.
  • Individuals must include their name and address for identification purposes.
  • Questions put forth must be on topics which are not normally dealt with by Town staff as a matter of routine.
  • Questions must be brief and to the point.
  • No commitments shall be made by the Chair in replying to a question. Matters which may require action of the Council shall be referred to a future meeting of the Council
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